Sharing parking spaces

It is a common problem. Parking spaces that are empty
during the day and full at night. Or at companies just
the other way around? At Tapazz we offer a solution for this.

Make good use of your parking spaces

By sharing parking spaces with each other, you make optimal use of your parking. Customers can then easily find a parking spot during the day and in the evening the residents have their own place. Our software takes care of the administration and our hardware can be connected to the barriers or the garage door.

Application features

Curious about the features of our application? View them below:


The software takes care of all the administrative hassle, from the registration of the booking by the user to the payment of the booking.

Fast & Secure

You can make a booking in a fast and secure way by using your fingerprint or facial recognition, this is how we make sure it is you.

Opening & Closing

The keys of today in one place. To open and lock, you can use your mobile phone and you will never have to search for the right key again.


During the registration you link your card to your account. At the end of the month the total amount of your bookings will be debited automatically.

Join forces?

We look forward to joining forces and establish a sharing solution for your company and how we can reinforce each other.