Carsharing for real estate

Integrate a shared car in your building. Our software and hardware takes care of all the administration and practical matters.

Why should you integrate a shared car?

Increased sales

An apartment where “Mobility as a Service” is part of the building makes it easier for the family to foresee in their mobility needs. This will save them the cost of buying a (2nd) car and the cost of that (2nd) parking spot. And this will make it easier for them to get the necessary funds from the bank and create financial breathing room.

Beautiful projects

By integrating car sharing in a residential project, you will have to provide fewer parking spaces, which means you have more room for green areas or a different layout.

More revenue

In addition to better sales figures, you will get more flexible parking quotas in more and more cities when integrating our car sharing solutions. This allows you to choose for fewer car parks and more apartments per project. This way you can also optimize your price per square metre.

Application features

Curious about the features of our application? View them below:


The software takes care of all the administrative hassle, from the registration of the booking by the user to the payment of the booking.

Fast & Secure

You can make a booking in a fast and secure way by using your fingerprint or facial recognition, this is how we make sure it is you.

Opening & closing

The keys of today in one place. To open and lock, you can use your mobile phone and you will never have to search for the right key again.


During the registration you link your card to your account. At the end of the month the total amount of your bookings will be debited automatically.

Make a driving billboard of your shared car

Provide the car with a logo and a nice print, so that it stands out in the street. This will increase your brand awareness.

oHase already preceded you…

“Thanks to Tapazz’ software solution all the residents of our residential complex can share a car. Which means more budget for (young) families because they don’t need a second car and the neighbourhood is more attractive and greener.”


Join forces?

We look forward to joining forces and establish a sharing solution for your company and how we can reinforce each other.