Tapazz sharing solutions

On average a car stands still over 90% of the time. The same applies to many rooms and other assets. At Tapazz we think this is a waste of capital, material and scarce city space.


That is why we develop sharing solutions: user friendly soft- and hardware to make it easier to book, manage and use assets more efficiently.

All-in-one solution for everything that can be shared in and around your building

Share a car

At Tapazz we build user friendly soft- and hardware to make it easier to book, manage and use carfleets more efficiently.

Share a room

Within our app you also have the opportunity to share some rooms. For example a meeting room, hobby room or a roof terrace.

Share a parking space

With our software it is possible to share parking spaces amongst residents in the same building.

Some of our customers

Our software in a nutshell

Management application


With our management application, you get a
clear overview of the users, bookings and cars.


You can easily add users and determine which people
are allowed to use which cars and on which budget.

User friendly application


Our software controls all administrative tasks.
From registration to the payment of the booking.


Both our soft- and hardware have been developed in-house.
And with a range of settings, based on your preferences,
we can set up a full environment for you. And thus deliver you
a “Mobility as a service” solution with your own look and feel.

Our hardware


Keys, Wireless. Our “keyless lock box”: hardware that
can be placed in the car and will from then on allow you to
open and close the cars via your own smartphone.

Happy customers

“Thanks to Tapazz’ software solution all the residents of our residential complex can share a car. Which means more budget for (young) families because they don’t need a second car and the neighbourhood is more attractive and greener.”



“The Corda Incubator is extra appealing to starting businesses. The app from Tapazz gives us the ability to provide mobility 24/7 to our employees.”



“Less cars and more mobility in our city due to the sharing of electronical cars between our residents. The software from Tapazz allows our residents to quickly and safely book a car with their smartphone and we can keep the city green.”



Latest news

New website release

New website release

De afgelopen maanden werd achter de schermen druk gewerkt aan deze nieuwe website. We hebben heel wat veranderingen aangebracht. Niet alleen aan het ontwerp van de site, maar ook de structuur en de inhoud van de site kregen een make-over.
OHase shares car with residents

OHase shares car with residents

De bewoners van oHase, een wooncomplex in Hasselt, kunnen vanaf vanaf nu alle verplaatsingen doen met de buurtauto. Volgens de bouwpromotor is het voor vele gezinnen een eerste en vooral tweede wagen een groot struikelblok.
Sint-Truiden receives a Mobility Award

Sint-Truiden receives a Mobility Award

Recently, Ben Weyts awarded (the city of) Sint-Truiden with a Business Mobility Award for all the efforts regarding a smooth and safe commuting. The city has, as first in Flanders, replaced the entire fleet with electric cars.

Join forces?

We look forward to joining forces and establish a sharing solution for your company and how we can reinforce each other.